Who according to u is the most OVERRATED CELEBRITY?

Answer All of them are overrated...

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Is Gwyneth paltrow the most hated celebrity according to you?

No, there's many people well ahead of her,

What are the vampire pictures in Benji's house on Cribs?

Answer They are actually old pictures of his relatives that he got altered to make them look like vampires when you look at them a certain way.

Which Celebrity wears the most makeup and is the most artificial?

I agree that Dolly Parton is the most artificial, and she admits it herself. Tammy Faye Baker would have been a close second on the makeup front.

What celebrity do you hate the most?

Nobody. None of the celebrities. If i hate my distant cousin by coincident and i just knew that he/she is my cousin, then i'll be much less hate him/her compared before.