What celebrities have you seen and were?

Answer I met Jim Carey when he was filming the Majestic in Northern CA.

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What accent do the following celebrities have?

Sean Connery was SCOTTISH.............not Welsh.......born in Edinborough,SCOTLAND. Elvis clearly had a southern drawl.....I don't think there was any doubt the Kennedy's were from Boston.......(Ma... Read More »

What celebrities have been on sesame street?

List of guest stars that appeared on the "Sesame Street" TV Show (1969-present): 1. 14 Karat Soul 2. Jessica Alba 3. Buzz Aldrin 4. Jason Alexander 5. Dennis Allen 6. Maria Conchita Alonso 7. The ... Read More »

What celebrities have appeared on sesame street?

What Teen celebrities have good qualities, traits, and have been rewarded for good actions?

I think one of dedicated gymnasts from the Fab Five would be a good example like Gabby Douglas. How she dedicated her entire life to making the Olympics and competing in gymnastics :) She's somewha... Read More »