What cd's to use burn movies/dvd?

Answer Make sure you're burning in the right format. Many DVD players play non DVD format movies, such as MP4, mpeg, avi, etc. It could be an issue with your software settings too. Also check to see if... Read More »

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I need to burn a song onto a CD. But whenever I click the burn button, it just ejects the CD What should I do?

I would try putting all of it in one folder, then burn the folder...

Do your eyes ever BURN BURN BURN?

It sounds like a demon escaped from your eye and now you are pure again! You should keep your eyes closed so that he doesn't get back in there.

What type of a burn is a laser burn?

radiationA little more...Technically, this answer is true -- LASER burns are "radiation" burns, most frequently in the visual light or infra-red parts of the EM spectrum. However, we tend to assoc... Read More »

What kinds of Cd's do you burn movies on Do you have to have a DVD+r burner to burn a movie?

I recommend that you use DVD+ or - R (or RW) disks. Saving them on DVDs instead of CDs has two advantages.First, DVD disks can hold 5 to 12 times more data than CDs. What's good about that is you d... Read More »