What causes wine to suddenly change its flavour?

Answer The wine would not have changed much in just 1 day. Yes, oxidization would have taken place but to go from bitter to sweet like that, it's not possible.My guess is it's totally dependent on what yo... Read More »

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Homemade ginger wine flavour?

The ginger flavour comes out after the ginger has been in there for weeks, not at the stage before you've even added the sugar and yeast.

What causes fillings in teeth to suddenly taste metallic?

decay can have a metallic taste as can infection, I wouldn't panic but I would get it checked out properly as soon as you can.

Do you ever wake up suddenly to a falling sensation What causes this?

Yes, I've woken up to a falling sensation a few times. It's completely normal. Sometimes it can mean a drop in blood pressure.

What Are the Causes of Wine Headaches?

Identification This kind of headache comes on when a consumer drinks either white or red wine. This is different than headaches that occur from too much alcohol or from an allergy. Theories Current... Read More »