What causes white smoke in small engines?

Answer white smoke just means that the engine is tired which means its been used. you dont have to get rid of it, a little smoke wont hurt you.

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Why did the American Old West Steam Engines have such oversized and extravagant smoke stacks?

As Samurai says, the large smokestacks contained spark arresting gear. Suspended inside was a circular cone, pointing downwards. This deflected the blast sideways into the conical body of the smoke... Read More »

How Small Engines Work?

Husky molding press equipment isused to produce injection molding systems for the manufacture of items such as plastic products, bottles and food containers. Husky molding press systems are produce... Read More »

How to Repair Small Engines?

Small engines mounted to machinery such as lawn mowers, generators, scooters, or go carts have common characteristics that make them unique. Proper maintenance is vital for the prevention of any ma... Read More »

What does the DOM abbreviation on small engines mean?

On many small engines, the abbreviation DOM is listed near the model and serial numbers. Date of Manufacture (DOM) can tell you exactly when the motor was made. This number is important because it... Read More »