What causes water to form inside your refrigerator?

Answer The seal around the door is bad. When the refrigerator doesn't have a complete seal around the door it allows ambient air to get in. When the compressor runs to the temp average inside, it actually... Read More »

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Why cant you put glass with water inside the refrigerator?

Answer Water expands when it becomes ice.So the glass will break if you put a glass of water inside the refrigerator. I put glasses of water inside my refrigerator all the time.It keeps it cold. If... Read More »

What is extra water hose inside refrigerator for?

To cool the water going to the dispenser. Usually a 1/4" plastic coil.

My refrigerator is leaking water inside, fridge and freezer still seem to work fine , any ideas how to fix it?

The first guy was right. The drain hole is blocked. You probably spilled an ice tray in the freezer or something. Easy fix is to empty the freezer and unplug for about 4 hours to make sure all ice ... Read More »

Is the air inside a refrigerator typically less humid than the air the refrigerator?

I assume your question should end with "than the air outside the refrigerator". If so then the answer is yes. Most of the humidity in the air inside the fridge (and freezer) will condense onto the ... Read More »