What causes us to chatter are teeth when were cold?

Answer Why do my teeth chatter when I get cold? First off, teeth chattering is a localized manifestation of shivering, so explaining the one explains the other.Shivering is one of many responses to enviro... Read More »

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Why do my dog's teeth chatter?

Extreme cold can set anybody's choppers chattering. But when the chattering teeth belong to the family pooch, something more than the weather might be at work. There are many situations that can se... Read More »

If you were to do a project on teeth what kind of material could you use instead of actual teeth?

Answer Try clay! It is easy to mold into the shapes of teeth and you can leave it out to dry hard. You can also use hard boild eggs if you are going to stain them for your project.

In what episode of Cold Case does Scotty confront his brother about what happened to him when they were kids?

How old were you when you got your wisdom teeth?

Am i supposed to know the answer to this question??can't believe all these people know how old they were - i'm worried now Ruby - LOL*smiling*