What causes us to chatter are teeth when were cold?

Answer Why do my teeth chatter when I get cold? First off, teeth chattering is a localized manifestation of shivering, so explaining the one explains the other.Shivering is one of many responses to enviro... Read More »

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Why do my dog's teeth chatter?

Extreme cold can set anybody's choppers chattering. But when the chattering teeth belong to the family pooch, something more than the weather might be at work. There are many situations that can se... Read More »

Can bad teeth cause a cold sore?

On One Hand: A Virus Causes Cold SoresCold sores are typically a sign that the herpes simplex virus (HSV-1) has been contracted. Cold sores also develop on the outside of the mouth, meaning that ba... Read More »

Should I get my wisdom teeth out if I have a cold?

You should go try to get some cold medicine. And even if that doesn't work, get it done anyway. Oral surgeons have A LOT and I mean A LOT of safety precaution stuff. They wont let anything happen t... Read More »

Do you brush your teeth with hot water or cold?

Neither hot nor cold is going to be inherently any cleaner since it comes from the same water line into your house. Many people that use warm-hot water do so because it softens up the bristles on ... Read More »