What causes toddlers toenails to grow backwards?

Answer These lesions are benign (safe) and quite common - they are referred to as inclusion cysts and will usually disappear with time.

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What causes toddlers toenails to fall off?

I just took my toddler to the doctor because his fingernails were falling off. The doctor didn't think that it was a fungal infection. He has white lines across them. The doctor says that since he ... Read More »

How to Trim Toddlers' Toenails?

Trimming your child's toenails helps prevent the nails from splitting, cracking or allowing bacteria to build up underneath the nails. Many younger children are often nervous about having their toe... Read More »

What causes toenails to bruise?

The question needs clarifying, so I'll place it into two answers for the two possibilities. If in question to white spots on the nail itself, this is often due to the nail being damaged whilst in t... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Excessive Urination in Toddlers?

Although frequent urination by a toddler can be a sign of a serious problem, often the answer is something far simpler, such as diet.Large Fluid IntakeMany toddlers are especially fond of carrying ... Read More »