What Are the Causes of Lightning & Thunder in Thunderstorms?

Answer Some of us love thunderstorms and some of us don't, but there's no denying the power behind thunder and lighting. Thunder is caused by lightning and is heard right after lightning strikes. Lighting... Read More »

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What is skin lightening?

The body produces a natural pigment called melanin that gives skin, hair and eyes their color. Darker skin tone is the result of higher melanin production. Skin lightening refers to a variety of me... Read More »

What Are the Dangers of Lightening Skin?

There are many reasons someone may wish to lighten their skin. An uneven skin tone, age spots and acne scars are all compelling reasons. However, many skin lightening creams and solutions are very ... Read More »

What Are Thunder and Lightning Storms?

Thunder and lightning storms occur when hot and cold air mix within the atmosphere, forming large clouds. More commonly referred to simply as "thunderstorms," these storms may be separated into two... Read More »

What stops lightening from striking trains?

Tires are not enough insulation to protect a car, think about it, that lightening bolt just went through an open gap in the air for miles, a few inches of rubber (with steel wires throughout) does ... Read More »