What causes those white spots/areas whiter than others (some yellow) on your teeth?

Answer Same problem many years ago, I was told it was a lack of calcium, and was given tablets tohelp boost mine up. But it could be the lack ofother vitamins!!Must add that the very slight areas on my ... Read More »

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Yellow teeth are more healthy than white teeth, how true is it?

Yes, they are actually stronger than white teeth

Why are some ways to get your teeth whiter at home?

There are several good ways to whiten your teeth at home, such as, using wood ash and homemade tooth paste which consist of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, as well as table salt and a dab of toothp... Read More »

What's the best way to get pearly white teeth when your teeth is yellow?

Hi EmilyI can recommend two ways that are probably around $10 each.Strawberries or coconut oil mixed with baking soda. Make a paste and…

My Teeth Are Yellow. How Can I Make Them Whiter?

Here are best home made remedies that worldwide accepted and approved.1) Brushing teeth with lemon juice: 2) Brushing teeth using wood ash (i.e. from your fireplace) 3) Brushing teeth using mashed ... Read More »