What causes shin splints and what is the best way to treat them How can I avoid them in the future?

Answer Shin splints are most commonly caused by overpronation (foot roles in too much at the toe off phase of your gait/running motion). A neutral foot lands on the outside corner of your heel, roles inwa... Read More »

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What causes canker sores and how do you get rid of them?

If you just have one or two canker sores, they are probably caused by something you've been eating or doing with your mouth. I went through of phase of drinking all cold drinks with a straw and tra... Read More »

What causes heart palpitations and can you prevent them?

Cough to stop them; it's sort of like self-CPR. They aren't usually dangerous but are uncomfortable.

What causes electrical outlets to get hot, and is it safe to use them?

The overheating you describe is NOT NORMAL, and suggests some kind of high resistance between the contacts [prongs] on the appliance power cords and the contacts inside the receptacles.The fact tha... Read More »

What causes leg cramps at night and how to prevent them?

Exercising is probably the most common cause of muscle cramps. Exercising hard cause small rips in the muscles. When the muscles are being worked too hard, they can respond by cramping up. Cramps a... Read More »