Do you ever wake up suddenly to a falling sensation What causes this?

Answer Yes, I've woken up to a falling sensation a few times. It's completely normal. Sometimes it can mean a drop in blood pressure.

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What causes that "butterfly" sensation when you like someone?

When you like someone and even if you imagine about or see the person or if such a person passes close to you,the prospect of confronting,getting attention of or talking to such a person causes but... Read More »

What causes us to itch ?

Dry skin can be a source of itchiness, but moisturizing doesn't seem to stop those little, random itches that happen anywhere for no reason. From what I've read, the physiological mechanisms behind... Read More »

What causes your skin to itch?

Just some stuff i found on a website:The average human body is covered by about 20 square feet (2 square meters) of skin. Skin is the only organ that is constantly exposed to potential irritation. ... Read More »

What is the secret ingredient in cologne that causes the burning sensation when applied to ones testicles?

Nature, in her wisdom, wants your frontispiece to give off a natural, manly aroma so you can attract women with childbearing hips. It's not the ingredients in the cologne that creates the stinging ... Read More »