What causes the numbness in my legs?

Answer Marie, you really should get this checked out by a doctor, either an orthopedist or a neurologist. The two issues may be related, but something is obviously going on with the nerve. They may want t... Read More »

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Can numbness heaviness in arms and legs tender breasts muscle exhaustion tight muscles in feet or legs absentmindedness waking up much earlier than normal all be signs of pregnancy?

Numbness in arms and legs?

Signs and Symptoms of Numbness in the Legs?

Leg numbness, sometimes referred to as paresthesias or sensory loss, is a condition that can occur in one or both legs where the legs are unable to feel heat, cold or pressure. Sometimes when leg n... Read More »

Please help. my husband has been suffering with numbness in his buttocks and legs 4 2years.?

I had suffered from chronic sciatic pain for years. This coming February 4th will be one year that i have been pain free!Please listen with an open mind. I healed myself without even knowing it. In... Read More »