What breakfast food causes you to fart a lot?

Answer Beans. Or maybe eggs for some people

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What causes knots of various sizes on the head and body a dime-sized rash on the entire body and hoarseness in the voice?

Possible Allergic Reaction It could be you are allergic to something. Go see your Doctor and/or an Allergist. Knots on the head and dime-sized rash on the body sounds exactly like hives, or urtic... Read More »

What Are the Causes of Human Dreams?

Dreams have always been a mystery. Many people think the cause of dreams is a psychological imbalance or a suppressed desire wanting to escape their inner minds. Others believe dreams are caused ... Read More »

Gas in the human body, what is it.?

Methane gas from decomposing material in the intestinal tract, and you breathe out carbon dioxide.

What are the causes of no human growth hormone?

There are many conditions that can cause the pituitary gland to secrete no human growth hormone. There are two forms, acquired and congenital, and they can occur with other pituitary hormone defici... Read More »