What causes the freezer fan on the refrigerator to cycle on and off?

Answer A thermostat.

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How do you keep ice from forming on the back wall and top of the refrigerator portion of a refrigerator-freezer?

Answer You didn't say how old the freezer is. However, what usually causes this is loading your freezer too tight with food (no air circulating) or accidently leaving the door ajar (this happens ... Read More »

What is the largest capacity refrigerator/freezer?

According to Northland Kitchen Appliances, the largest capacity refrigerator/freezer is the Northland's 72-inch refrigerator/freezer. The refrigerator has 24.2 cubic feet of space. The freezer has ... Read More »

What is the temperature of a normal refrigerator freezer?

The USDA recommends keeping a consumer freezer's temperature between 0 and 2 degrees Fahrenheit. An appliance thermometer will measure the freezer's temperature and help you set the cooling level f... Read More »

What is the best temperature for a refrigerator and freezer?

The ideal temperature setting for a refrigerator is 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit or colder, while the ideal temperature setting for a freezer is 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Bacterial growth accelerates si... Read More »