What causes the eye to turn yellow in humans?

Answer Sometimes the sclerae, or the white part of your eye, can become discolored and turn yellow. This yellowing is known as jaundice, or icterus, and can be an indication of a number of serious medical... Read More »

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What causes the tomato leaves and stems to turn yellow and fall off and turn brown and die?

There are many different reasons for this. It can be insect damage, the plants are too close to one another, bacterial and/or fungal damage or too much/too little water. Insects If there are many ... Read More »

What Causes Pillow Cases to Turn Yellow?

No matter how hard you try, your pillowcases cannot stay white forever. Over time they begin to fade and turn shades of grayish yellow or yellow. The color change is due to a natural progression in... Read More »

What Causes Pepper Plants to Turn Yellow?

Peppers are a warm-season crop that produces an abundant harvest when plants are healthy. Yellow pepper plants are a warning sign that growing conditions are less than ideal. Off-color foliage may ... Read More »

What Causes Leaves on Tomato Plants to Turn Yellow?

With a multitude of diseases, pests and conditions that can harm your tomato plant, it may seem daunting to try and identify and treat a specific condition. Many diseases can cause yellowing leaves... Read More »