What causes sudden diarrhea in infants?

Answer causes Of Diarrhea In Infants several things may but usually teething, stomach virus, food poisoning, or intolerance to formula or new foods. if watery or lasts over a day or has fever see doctor, ... Read More »

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What are the causes of sudden nausea&diarrhea?

Diarrhea and nausea can attack together in a particularly unpleasant condition known as gastroenteritis. This illness usually stems from infection or food poisoning.DefinitionThe Merck Manual of He... Read More »

Diarrhea treatment for infants?

business ability, self disipline, and the ability to deal tactfully with patients and their families

Dealing with a sudden onset of diarrhea, and I'm not sure why. Can anyone help me identify a possible reason?

The first answer is probably correct. The introduction of new medications and supplements can certainly alter your poop. I would tell you to quit the medication for a while, but Vyvanse is an ADHD ... Read More »

Food poisoning in diarrhea infants leads to what?