What causes someone to sleep longer than 8 hours?

Answer maybe you work really hard.

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What happens when erect for longer than four hours?

Viagra almost never causes an erection lasting more than four hours. Other side-effects are much more likely. Viagra only makes it easier to get an erection if you have a particular type of circu... Read More »

Does 6 hours of sleep everynight make you live longer?

Its all about what your body require. If you feel fresh after 6 hours sleep than every thing is okay and no problem there. Take healthy diet always work hard and stay happy these will keep you alwa... Read More »

Do they make vhs that record longer than 6 hours?

No. But you can buy a standard 3 or 4 hour vhs casette and then record on a lower quality so on LP (Long play) you'll get double the time so on a 3 hour casette you could get 6 hours. On a 4hr case... Read More »

Is it really bad if i sleep less than 7 hours p/day?

The reality is most adults do not get enough sleep, you really do need 7.5 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night. And no, you really can't catch up on sleep. If you are young, late teens/young adul... Read More »