What causes some striped fabric patterns to appear to jump around on television?

Answer It's called a moire pattern (pronounced mwah-RAY, properly written with an acute accent over the E at the end of the word).There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the TV!It happens because there is ... Read More »

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How often do fabric manufacturers put out new toile fabric patterns?

Much like fashion designers, fabric manufacturers put out two new sets of fabric patterns a year, spring and fall. New toile patterns are displayed at fabric conventions and make their way into sto... Read More »

What actors appear in movie about the military and television show?

Service comedies have a long and lengthy role-call! among others (Lead characters in parentheses) Sergeant Bilko (Phil Silvers), Gomer Pyle, U.s.M.C . (Jim Nabors, lead and Frank Sutton as Sgt. Car... Read More »

What year did Soul Train first appear on Chicago television?

One of the longest-running music-variety shows in television history, "Soul Train" debuted on Chicago TV station WCIU on Aug. 17, 1970. The show was an instant hit. Producer-creator Don Cornelius b... Read More »

Broken Glass Patterns & Causes?

Glass is fragile and can break for a variety of reasons. How you handle and repair glass depends on first identifying the type of glass and diagnosing the reason for the breakage. D... Read More »