What causes round worms?

Answer Roundworms, also known as nematodes, are spineless, long-bodied animals that can infest a person's body and grow from a hundredth of an inch to up to 20 inches in length. This parasite can live in ... Read More »

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What Causes Round Worms in Kids?

Roundworms live in the intestinal tract of the host animal and are transmitted through fecal material. Kids can be exposed to roundworms when they play in areas that have come in contact with conta... Read More »

What are the treatments for round worms?

Roundworms are parasitic organisms that infest the body, especially the intestines, after entering a body through the mouth or a open wound. These can cause a host of problems, from diarrhea to itc... Read More »

What Are the Symptoms of Round Worms in Puppies?

Roundworms are a type of parasitic organism that live within a dog's intestines. They attach to the wall of the intestines and suck out valuable nutrients. Roundworms are simple to treat, but if le... Read More »

How to Treat Round Worms?

Round worms are one of the most common internal parasites affecting both cats and dogs. Round worms, also known as nematodes, infest the intestinal tract and can be spread from infected pets to hea... Read More »