What causes red spots on rhubarb leaves?

Answer a rust fungue

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What causes orange spots on peace lilly leaves?

The orange spots are caused from lack of water. This is one house plant you almost can NOT over water.

How do I compost rhubarb leaves?

Acquire a composting bin. A variety of composting bins are available for purchase including rolling composting bins, composting tumblers and vermicomposting bins. If you plan to add kitchen food sc... Read More »

Tips for Dead Leaves on Potted Plants & Brown Spots on Leaves?

Brown-spotted or dead leaves on potted plants can be a sign of several different problems. Environmental damage, a lack of nutrients or even infection can be the causes of such problems whether the... Read More »

What Are Brown Spots on Pecan Tree Leaves?

Your prized home garden pecan trees favored for their nut crop production and shade are under threat from a variety of fungal infections. To save your trees, remove and destroy affected plant parts... Read More »