What causes red eyes when taking pictures?

Answer Red eye occurs when light enters the eye at almost level with the eye. Because light reflects at an angle equal and opposite to its entry (in layman's terms, it makes a "V" shape) if bright light (... Read More »

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What are the settings used for night photography when using the nikon D5000 when taking pictures of the moon?

When taking a picture, what causes the red eye effect?

It's caused by the light of the flash reflecting of the retina of the subject's eyes.Most modern digital cameras give of 4 to 5 lights before taking the actual photo, letting the pupils close a bit... Read More »

What Causes the Toilet to Overflow When Taking a Shower?

A toilet that overflows when the shower is run is suffering from a clog somewhere between the toilet and the main sewer line. This problem is common when the toilet is located as the last drain bef... Read More »

What causes the odd images I see sometimes when rubbing my eyes?

Yeah, it's really cool :PWhat happens is that your photoreceptor cells, the rods (the cells which are responsible for mainly night vision) and the cones (the cells which are responsible for day vis... Read More »