What causes red-eyes in photos?

Answer The light enters the eye-ball through the pupil and bounces around inside the eye. The retina is red in colour (due to abundant blood supply and pigmentation) and so this bounced light takes the re... Read More »

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What causes "red eye" in photos?

Red eye is a photograph of the retina at the back of the eye caused by light from the flash passing through the transparent lens of the eye and illuminating the retina. To prevent red eye flash sho... Read More »

What causes red-eye in photos?

As others have said it's the reflection of the light from the flash off the retina at the back of the eyeball. It's nothing to do with the colour of your eyes, which is the colour of the iris at th... Read More »

What causes feint lines on your photos?

This can be multiple reasons, but you need to investigate : Camera firmware (software inside the camera) is damaged. Sensor damageBoth the above means that you may have to visit the repair/support ... Read More »

What causes red eyes?

I dont know exactly what causes your eyes to get red or however they get(diff for evryone i suppose), but its generally just one of the qualities of weed. Bear in mind, not everyones eyes get red w... Read More »