How to Cure Post Nasal Drip?

Answer Postnasal drip occurs when excess mucus accumulates in the back of the throat and creates the feeling of dripping mucus. The condition can lead to a chronic cough or a sore throat. The treatments f... Read More »

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Can post nasal drip cause nausea?

Of course, im sitting here now with the same nasy problem, take some benadryl and you should be okAntihistamines such as Allergy medications (benadryl, zyrtec, cleratine, allegra, etc) do help temp... Read More »

Can bad breath be caused by post-nasal drip?

Increased or thickened nasal mucous secretions caused by infection or other health problems (post-nasal drip) can cause bad breath (halitosis). The sticky post-nasal drip coats the throat, tonsils ... Read More »

Are there any remedies for post nasal drip i could do at home?

Allergies and a cold/sinus have very similar symptoms.Either ways, you could "At Your Own Risk" try some of these natural remedies: **Read the information on the link below before attempting.**1) C... Read More »

Is there a good Post nasal drip treatment for children?