What causes pimples to grow in your ears?

Answer Hormones and sebaceous glands overproducing those special oils. And those zits hurt like heck, too, don't they? and last way too long.

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What Causes Pimples in Your Nose?

A pimple can form in your nose for any number of reasons. When a pore inside the nose becomes irritated or infected, the result is often a painful pimple. Pimples inside the nose are difficult to... Read More »

What causes pimples under your armpit that won't go away?

What Causes Pimples under Your Armpit? The first answer that leaps to mind is a heat rash, which you can usually cure by keeping the area very clean and dry. Talcum powder, loose shirts, all help. ... Read More »

Do your ears still grow when you get older?

Ears grow approximately 0.22 millimeters in length every year throughout a person's life. This growth is due mostly to the skin slowly sagging as people age. The ear does not get wider throughout a... Read More »

What r the main causes for pimples?

Ok, so oily foods have nothing to do with acne... thats a bit of old school. Couple of things could be making you break out. One is hormones, if your a teen, this is common, your body is changing ... Read More »