Do cough drops make you cough more?

Answer yes that is the entire purpose of the cough drop industry, to make you cough more, Joey.

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Why is my cough so bad?

I had somthing very similar not too long ago. If you dont wanna see a doctor for a perscription I suggest you get cough drops, they are more effective then u'd think.

Why won't my cough go away?

I had a cough so badly for 18 months that I use to sometimes cough so hard and the mucus was so thick that I would vomit. Sometimes 6-10 times a day. I was on everything you could imagine. My new d... Read More »

Why do you wee a bit when you cough?

It's called stress incontinence. See the link below for details.

What is a dry cough?

A cough is a reflex that protects your airway, and helps clear your lungs and throat of irritants such as cigarette smoke. A dry cough is nonproductive, meaning it doesn't produce mucus or phlegm.T... Read More »