What causes paleness when someone wakes up or comes out of a dark room?

Answer when you get up after being layed down for such a long time, the instant you stand up, most blood goes down to the lower part of your body,

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I have heard that the iPad 2 comes out in April in America but i can't find when it comes to Holland. Does anyone knows when it comes out in Holland.?

Can someone explain to me Natural Immunity when it comes to Uncontacted Peoples?

i've got no clue.. but Hello.. and have a nice time on your trip..

In backtrack when i type airon-ng nothing comes out can someone help me?

A usb adapter is a device. You cant download it. Lol go buy one from a store

How to React when Someone Comes to Your Desk While You Are on the Phone?

Annoyed at coworkers constantly coming up to your desk while on the phone? This article will show you how to deal with two people at once.