What causes pain in the right side of your upper back, and around your right side?

Answer It sounds like you might have kidney stones. When I had pain like that I was worried about my liver, lungs,well there are so many things on that side it could have been. But it ended up being kidne... Read More »

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I have a pain left side upper back just below my neck. I havn't hurt it in anyway even when i breathe it hurts?

Its just about sleeping problem you have taken the pillow below your head makes your head enough height with the body. It will be heal automatically if not than consult the Doctor

Pain on the upper left side of my chest.?

There's a lot of things that can cause slight chest pain like heartburn, muscles, and bronchitis to name a few. We all have fluid to prevent friction in the beating of our hearts. When there is t... Read More »

Should you be concerned if you develop a pain in your upper right side when you are seven months pregnant?

Answer Probably not. If your health in general is good. Pregnancy, especially in the later stages places great stress on the entire body. Muscle aches and pains are common. It is a good idea to con... Read More »

I have pain in back of my head right and left side and pain in both eyes. I must let you know that in Aug 07,?

Oh hun, you know, it sounds like you have sinus pressure going on! I have the same symptoms when my sinuses are angry!!Even so, it would be best to see your oncologist to make sure. Possibly, will ... Read More »