If the Dentist says the tooth cracked because of grinding and not because of the filling he put in 2 weeks ago is this correct?

Answer Answer it is most likely the tooth had a small crack in it anyway. the tooth was alittle"high"from the new filling and the extra pressure from biting on it, cracked the tooth. usually after a new f... Read More »

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I have swelling behind my tooth last tooth... could it be a wisdom tooth?

Do bedbugs come in the nighttime?

"Nighty-night; don't let the bedbugs bite." It turns out the childhood rhyme is mostly right. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, "Bed bugs are most active in the middle of the night,... Read More »

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The first nighttime home run in Major League Baseball history was hit by Babe Herman of the Cincinnati Reds on July 10, 1935. Herman hit 181 home runs in his 13-year career, during which he played ... Read More »

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Nighttime dry mouth can be caused by dehydration, breathing through the mouth while sleeping, interaction of medications, or it can be a symptom of stress and anxiety.SymptomsNighttime dry mouth sy... Read More »