Prefect start to the morning. What breakfast gets you going in the morning Coffee/Tea & a slice of Toast?

Answer I don't get much time for breakfast (although I should make time), however if I did I would preferably go for...Fresh Coffee...Scrambled egg on an english muffin with a slice of crispy but not over... Read More »

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Are regular stomach cramps in the morning the same as morning sickness during pregnancy?

Answer Well usually, the cramps will feel like period cramps, but it will be in your uterus. If you feel nauseated or queasy, just sick to your stomach, that's morning sickness. Kinda feels like th... Read More »

How do you get rid of bad breathe?

listerine, gum, brush your teeth and gum, eat a lot and dont get an empty stomache, stop being nervous, floss

How to Breathe Clearly?

Do you have trouble breathing? Is your hard breathing getting in the way of things like reading or talking with friends? This guide will give tips for good posture and techniques that one should do... Read More »

I can't breathe well?

First of all don't panic. It will resolve now. You have to do these simple things only.â– Lemon tea with a dash of ginger may prove to be one of the easiest home based remedies. The medicinal prope... Read More »