What causes mold on the room corners of a house?

Answer Mold can be an incipient problem. It can grow inside walls without detection until it reaches the wall surfaces. There are several causes of mold growth in the room corners of houses particularly, ... Read More »

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What are the Causes of Mold in a House?

Mold in homes is caused by excess moisture and/or decomposing organic matter that has been left behind to rot. Excess moisture can collect in the home from condensation, flooding, ground water, wet... Read More »

What is in the corners of the room you are in?

1. trashcan and desk2. refridgerator and microwave3. mirror and door4. bedPerks of living in a college dorm room.

What Causes Mold in Basements?

Basements are typically damp places, and high humidity promotes mold growth. Many homeowners fail to realize water is seeping into the basement; the moisture often comes through the foundation. Ins... Read More »

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