What causes lighter blotches on a person's face around the mouth?

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Redish purple blotches on face after vomiting?

That happens sometimes after throwing up excessively. I think you will be fine in the long run. Sorry you feel sick & hope you feel better very soon.

How Can I Make a Persons Face Digitally?

Faces have been a staple in the pop art world since the movement emerged in the mid 1950's. Although original pop artists did not use digital means to create their faces, according to ArtHistoryArc... Read More »

If someone paid you $20 to knock on a strangers door and throw a cake in that persons face, would you do it?

depends... probably not but if i was feeling really mean and mad at the world and i had a quick get away and i was sure they would pay up then yes. unless it was a really big mean looking guy or a ... Read More »

What to do with compact lighter then my face?

Sell it, swap it with a friend, or you could use it on your cheekbones, brow bone, bridge of nose, cupids bow as a highlighter.