What causes levels of 2400 alk phosphatase in babies?

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What Are the Causes of Low Potassium Levels?

Potassium is the most prevalent cation in extracellular fluid, according to Carol Porth's "Essentials of Pathophysiology." Potassium concentration is controlled by the kidneys and a cell membrane p... Read More »

What are the causes of elevated triglyceride levels?

According to the University of Michigan Health System, causes of elevated triglyceride levels include weight gain, too many calories in the diet, age, some medicines, illness and heredity.WeightTri... Read More »

What are the causes of high testosterone levels in men?

Although men and women both produce testosterone, the levels of this hormone are much higher in men. Testosterone causes men's voices to deepen and hair to grow on their chest and face; however, el... Read More »

What causes high triglyceride levels?

High triglyceride levels can be caused by external and internal factors. Triglyceride levels can be controlled by good nutrition, diet and exercise. If high triglyceride levels remain uncontrolled ... Read More »