What causes lesions to the scalp&hair loss?

Answer Hair grows from follicles located in your scalp. If you are experiencing a condition that causes scalp lesions, the damage to your skin can also damage your hair follicles, causing hair loss.Hair ... Read More »

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Do HPV lesions look like herpes lesions?

According to the, human papilloma virus (HPV), also known as genital warts, causes cauliflower-like growths on skin that are white, yellow or gray. Herpes lesions typically look like b... Read More »

What causes hearing loss?

There are different types of hearing loss, depending on which part of the hearing pathway is affected. A specialist will always try to localize where in the hearing pathway the problem lays, so as ... Read More »

What are the Causes of Loss of Libido?

Loss of libido is a common problem for men and women. Libido can decrease because of lifestyle, physical and mental health, age and medications.LifestylePoor nutrition, sedentary habits, fatigue, s... Read More »

What are the causes of facial hair loss?

Facial hair loss can have many causes. Hair loss may be patchy or it may spread across the face. It may be associated with a rash, and it may come on gradually or suddenly. All these factors are im... Read More »