What causes leg cramps during sleep?

Answer Also known as Rest Cramps. Especially in older adults, cramps at rest (often during the night) are very common. Rest cramps may be experienced at any age, however, including during childhood. While... Read More »

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What causes bad leg cramps during pregnancy and how do you prevent them?

AnswerI had really bad leg cramps too, I have found that increasing my intake of calcium made the biggest difference. I am not much into vitamins, they are not too good for you, but increasing eati... Read More »

What causes Menstrual type cramps and lower back pain during pregnancy?

What are the causes of dry mouth during sleep?

Many people develop dry mouth during sleep. It is usually secondary to another problem that causes people to breathe through their mouth during the night. It then becomes necessary to determine whi... Read More »

What causes really bad foot cramps?

If you've ever been surprised with the sharp, sudden pain of a foot cramp, you know how jarring they can be. While many different things can cause foot cramps, it's important to know that there is ... Read More »