What causes leaf curl in tomato plants?

Answer Causes of Tomato Leaf Curl Tomato leaf curl can be caused by a variety of things of which bugs (usually aphids) are only one. Look at the underside of the leaves that are curling. If you don't se... Read More »

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What causes leaf curl on tomato plants?

Environmental stress from bouts of cool rainy weather, herbicide damage, severe pruning, sucking insects and viruses tend to cause tomato leaves to curl. Yo-yo watering and severe pruning may cause... Read More »

What is the cure for tomato leaf curl?

ANSWER: It may be one of two diseases that could be the cause. It may also be the lack of moisture, but normally not as the plant would return to normal after a good rain or watering. BACTERIAL WIL... Read More »

Brown Leaf Disease on Tomato Plants?

Several brown leaf diseases attack tomato plants, including cankers, spot and blights, viruses and rot. These diseases can be amplified by improper care and can spread to an entire tomato garden or... Read More »

I have a leaf miner on my basil and tomato plants. Should I remove the affected leaves?

There is no dust or insecticide that can kill leaf miners..they don't actually kill the plant but can hinder it from growing as well..I pick mine off of my basil and put the leaves on something hot... Read More »