What causes jalapenos not to be hot?

Answer Stress on the plant causes peppers to grow hotter. Ideal conditions where the plant has little or no stressors (no competition, adequate water and light, no diseases or pests, etc.) would reduce th... Read More »

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Are jalapenos acidic?

Jalapenos are slightly acidic, but not acidic enough to be canned without a pressure cooker unless they are pickled in vinegar. The slight acidity of jalapenos is due to vitamin C, also known as as... Read More »

Can you eat jalapenos while pregnant?

How to Preserve Candied Jalapenos?

Candied jalapenos are also commonly known as cowboy candy. Combining fresh jalapeno peppers with a syrup solution gives the peppers a sweet and spicy flavor. Preserving the peppers in canning jars ... Read More »

How to Plant Jalapenos from Seeds?

Jalapeno peppers are among the most famous of hot peppers. Historically used in Mexican cuisine, jalapenos now add heat and flavor to many other foods. The tiny seeds of jalapeno peppers sprout rea... Read More »