What causes infants hands to stay cold?

Answer When babies are born, their circulatory system (the heart and blood system) is going through a lot of changes. It can take up to 2 days - and occasionally a little longer - for the tiny capillaries... Read More »

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What causes choking in infants?

When infants eat chips or hard foods that are hard to chew or digest.

What causes convulsions in infants?

It is an X-linked recessive disorder.

What are the causes of hypertension in infants?

Hypertension in infants is caused by a variety of medical conditions. It is estimated that nearly 5 percent of kids have hypertension.Preterm BirthBabies who are born prematurely might have hyperte... Read More »

What causes bad breath in infants?

the formula the you give them for milk. unless you breastfeed the breath should not smell but if you give baby milk formula it will probably smell. if you still want to know more phone the hospital... Read More »