What causes holes in plant leaves?

Answer many many many things. can you be more specific?

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Why do plant varieties with erect leaves give higher crop yields than those with horizontal leaves?

With corn, the "erect" leaves allow the crop rows to be planted closer together. This generally leads to a greater yield per acre becase more plants can be planted per acre.

Why do small holes appear on leaves?

Those smal holes are usually just bugs getting at your plants. Unless here are a whole lot, I wouldn't be worried. Bugs need to eat too, you know.

How do i plant with containers that have no holes?

ContainersSelect a container slightly smaller than the container, with no holes. Be sure that the smaller container has drainage holes and that it fits easily within the larger container.PlantingFi... Read More »

Does a Bonsai plant need holes in the pot?

It's not a good idea to use a pot with no holes in it for bonsai. It's easier to drown the plant (or almost any potted plant with no holes in the pot) if it can't drain. The pots for bonsai are tra... Read More »