What causes high white blood cell count?

Answer An infection is a common cause of high white blood cell count. Less commonly, it could be the result of an immune system disorder.

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Is 3.6-9.2 of white blood cell count High?

Those numbers are the "normal range". Even a count of "10" would be considered normal. White cells are the ones that fight infections, hence, a higher white count would be indicitive of your body's... Read More »

My mom has a high white blood cell count her appt. isn't until Jan 10th- what could it be?

Don't take her to the Emergency Department. So many people don't understand when to use the ER. Only go there if it is a life and death situation, the pain is too much to bear another second, you... Read More »

Your son has a low white blood cell count it was 3.4 what does this mean?

Some infections can occasionally cause a low white cell count. Repeat the count regularly. If it returns to normal no need to worry. If the child also has anemia or low platelet count other investi... Read More »

Low White Cell blood count?

If your hemoglobin level was 3.5 mg/dL then you are seriously and critically anemic. Maybe you are talking about your red blood cell count (erythrocyte count) which in a normal woman would be appro... Read More »