What causes high pulse rate during pregnancy?

Answer It is drop in vascular resistance caused by progesterone that leads to an increase in pulse, and decrease in blood pressure.

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25-year-old female with moderately high blood pressure and rather high pulse rate - should I be concerned?

Yes be very concerned! Get on some meds. really. Save your life!!

What range is considered a high pulse rate?

A normal adult heart rate is 60-80. (80-100 is NOT normal.) Your heart rate can be high for a lot of reasons: exercise, anxiety, caffeine, dehydration (even just not drinking enough can do it), l... Read More »

How high is the rate of teenage pregnancy?

There's about 6 000 000 pregnancies a year and 750 000 of those are by teens.

What does a low pulse rate mean?

On One Hand: The Good NewsA low pulse rate can mean that a person's heart is very healthy. It is common for elite endurance athletes to have resting pulse rates in the range from 50 to 60 and somet... Read More »