What causes hiccup And what's a fast & effective way to get rid of it?

Answer This video answers your question: friend made it, and she did her research first.

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Fast and effective way to get rid of a headache Apart from Paracetamol?

Depends what's causing your headache. Couple things to try:1. Plenty of water (though this is better for prevention than cure).2. Persistant dull headaches can be caused by tension in the muscle... Read More »

Whats the most effective thing to get rid of mosquito bite itching?

Saliva. Seriously.The enzymes in your saliva can work as an antihistamine for a short solution. Works just long enough to make you forget that it itches

What is an effective, FAST, way to get rid of warts without going to the doctors or cutting them?

Dr. Scholl's Freeze away. There's a little bit of pain involved, sorta like a pinch. But it completely removes the wart after one use. Highly recommended.

The Most Effective & Fast Fat Burning Exercise Routines?

Many people believe that the best way for lose weight and burn calories is to get on the treadmill and jog a few times a week. While this may be a good way to burn calories and get your daily dose ... Read More »