Ive been getting headaches (front part of my head) eversince some 1 bashed my head into a wall about 15 times?

Answer YOU HAVE THE DO OF THE CANCER! i know of the doctor in tajikistan. he do the telling you do the cancer!! i tell i tell o no you do the die!! i sorry sorry me love of you i sorry sorry

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Other than age, what causes liver spots?

Sun exposure. My grandmother got them and the doctor told her the prolonged time in the son causes these spots to darken and causes more of them to appear, so be sure to use the sunscreen if you wa... Read More »

What are the causes other than overeating for an overweight baby?

IKnowManyThings001 on... "heavy sleeping babies"I am not 100% sure, but I think it is because they are relaxed and not trying to resist gravity weighing them down.HOPE THIS HELPS

What is your favorite part of Christmas other than getting presents?

The night before Christmas- having an open house. Having friends and family just stopping in for a drink and a laugh. Eating good food, enjoying the smells and sights. Christmas lights on houses, s... Read More »

Other than sleep deprivation, what causes dark circles under the eyes?