What causes growth rings?

Answer different tempetures and water availability. when water is scarse the tree grows many new small diamater pipes (xylem) which look darker to us and when water is plentiful the new xylem are few and ... Read More »

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What is the definition for tree growth rings?

The growth rings represent each year. If the tree had a good year because it got lots of water and sun, it grows a lot and the ring is thick. If the tree had a bad year like little water/light, the... Read More »

What Causes Rainbow Rings Around the Sun?

When sundogs appear, they resemble a "halo" around the Sun. There is a distinct parallel arch of light stretching around the Sun with two larger lights on both the right and left side of the Sun th... Read More »

What causes tree rings to grow unevenly?

It was at one point but as the branches grow out the tree leans a little so the centre appears to shift each year. now have a look at species that grow rapidly straight up and you should find far ... Read More »

What Causes Black Rings Under Eyes?

Black rings under the eyes, otherwise called dark circles, are never nice to look at. The Mayo Clinic states that dark circles are actually more aging than wrinkles, which is never a pleasant consi... Read More »