What causes group polarization?

Answer Group polarization is a phenomenon that occurs when, after deliberation, people divide into opposing camps, which take more extreme positions. There are several reasons why this behavior takes plac... Read More »

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How to Live in an Area With a Predominant Religion and Not Add to the Religious Polarization?

Sometimes you just happen to move into a neighborhood where there is a strong tendency to follow one religion and it doesn't happen to be yours. It can happen where immigrants have chosen to resett... Read More »

How do you achieve decolourization of brown sugar to test for polarization in the laboratory?

Sounds interesting, although I have no idea. Try Google. I love that search engine.

How do you find a common interest group to join that offers group health insurance?

Answer It's illegal to join a group only/primarily just for health insurance. Sure there are Alumni Groups that may offer it... but the pricing reflects who in the group is actually buying it. Ch... Read More »

During the polite stage of COG's Ladder the need for group approval is strong and the need for group identity is?