What causes glaucoma in the eyes?

Answer Glaucoma is a disease of the eye. It is referred to as the silent thief of sight, as vision deteriorates so slowly that most people do not begin to notice symptoms until substantial vision has been... Read More »

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What are some good remedies for the red eyes that accompany glaucoma?

It's not the glaucoma. It's your BAK-preserved and irritating glaucoma drops. Ask your doctor about travatan Z, which is BAK-free, and thus much healthier / safer on the eyes. Whatever you do, do N... Read More »

Glaucoma in Dog's Eyes?

The symptoms of canine glaucoma are the same as human glaucoma. Glaucoma is an increase in pressure within the eye. The fluid inside the eye of a mammal is referred to as the aqueous humor. If this... Read More »

Pigment Glaucoma Causes?

Many people suffer from glaucoma, a combination of eye conditions that leads to loss of vision. Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness. The condition--and loss of vision--are subtle and ... Read More »

What is the treatment for glaucoma and what are it's causes?

I have been doing a little research on glaucoma since Conan is now blind in one eye as a result of glaucoma. We uses drops twice a day to releave pressure & pain in this blind eye per the eye vet... Read More »