What causes fungus in the body?

Answer A fungus is a germ that lives on the outside of the human body. Occasionally, this fungus can cause a fungal infection inside of the body. These types of infections are generally easy to treat beca... Read More »

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Does sodium bicarbonate kill body fungus?

There is no scientific evidence that sodium bicarbonate can kill body fungus. Some alternative health practicioners claim that sodium bicarbonate, also known as baking soda, can kill a particular y... Read More »

Fungus gnats and beneficial fungus?

No, less watering can help to prevent fungus gnats and a product called Nemesisys, or Nemashield ,Scanmask and Entonem.all of these products are beneficial nematodes called steinernema feltiae. Th... Read More »

Nail Fungus Listerine cured my nail fungus! This is the reason I joined Yahoo Answers.?

Yes, it really does work, on most mild to moderate fungal infections. Thanks for sharing. :)It isn't the fastest way to clear a fungal infection, but it is cheap. So if this works, why complain? ... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Toe Fungus?

Fungus is curable. It may require medical treatment but there are positive things you can do to stop fungus without medical bills.