What causes fluid on the knee?

Answer Fluid on the knee is the general term for any excess liquid on the knees and the areas surrounding the knees. Fluid causes swelling and/or pain and affects mobility. Causes of fluid on the knees in... Read More »

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What is fluid on the knee?

Fluid on the knee, frequently called water on the knee, is the term given to swelling on or around the knee joint. The swelling is usually caused by an accumulation of fluid that has built up in th... Read More »

How can u tell if u have fluid on your knee?

From the sound of it, you probably have bursitis. Bursa sacs are fluid filled sacks in the body that help reduce friction in the joints. There is a nice sized one on top of your knee cap. The am... Read More »

What does fluid around the knee mean?

An accumulation of fluid around the knee joint causes swelling and discomfort. There is a small amount of fluid around every joint in the body for lubrication, but when it becomes excessive, it can... Read More »

What are the causes of fluid on the knee?

Any type of damage to the knee can cause a painful buildup of excess joint fluid called either fluid on the knee, water on the knee or knee joint effusion.BackgroundJoints contain synovial fluid th... Read More »