What causes fingers to feel sticky sometimes?

Answer Yeah I agree the first 2 answers were childish!!My mature answer: Put some liquid hand-wash or washing-up liquid in the centre of your palm and then add some table salt to it (same quantity). Scrub... Read More »

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I empty my bowels 3 or 4 times a day sometimes more i have diverticulitis also sometimes i still do not feel e?

You just tossed a couple details together that really only means you poop 3 or 4 times a day. This is a stretch since you have no symptoms of anything but, you don't follow the correct diet and tak... Read More »

Do you ever feel really ugly sometimes and sometimes beautiful.?

I have days that I feel that I'm too ugly to leave the house and days in which I look in the mirror and think that I'm sooooooo beautiful. The former usually happens most. The latter, not so much.I... Read More »

What would cause your left arm muscle to ache and feel cold and your hand and fingers to feel very tingly?

Muscle aches and tingles Here are several possible explanations from WikiAnswers users: Vascular - There could be some reason for poor circulation to the arm/hand. This is very commonly caused by t... Read More »

What causes sticky floor around toilet base?

the seated patrons don't have to aim. it appears as though some of the standing patrons feel they don't have to aim as well. there's nothing wrong with the wax seal, but if the cistern is not caulk... Read More »