What is causing my feet and legs to swell im not standing very long at all?

Answer PVD Peripheral vascular disease. It's common in both of those conditions. Especially in diabetes. When a person's blood sugar is elevated for a long period of time, it can cause a plaque to build u... Read More »

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Why do childrens hands and feet swell?

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What causes stretch marks to swell and burst as well as feel itchy all over?

It is just bad luck.  there is nothing you can do about it, unfortunate but true.   A very moisturising lotion may help but apart from that it is those danged hormones again. As long as it is yo... Read More »

Can feet swell after using suntan lotion?

If you do not use a suntan lotion with the correct level of SPF, you can cause serious burns to your feet, depending on the length of time you were in the sun. Sunburns can cause severe swelling an... Read More »

How soon do ankle or feet swell during pregnancy?